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AMD 5950X
Just saw this review of the 5950X compared to Intel's 10900k:

Was rather impressed by the results. In some applications, it's kinda 2x as fast as Intel's chip and only bested by the 3970x and 3990x threadrippers.

Could be a nice "affordable" workstation CPU for video editing and such.
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I read briefly about this new CPU, and as it costs more or less like the 39t0x, but newer model, I'd go for it.
Sure, Threadrippers have the edge, but the cost is much higher and power doesn't scale with price so well, so...
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Yeah exactly. The power requirement is another good point compared to Intel. It's only 120 watts under load apparently which is incredible.

As for threadrippers ... if I wanted one I'd probably wait for the next gen threadrippers with this same tech. Imagine what those can do! But yeah they are crazy expensive.
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Strange fact is, even first gen. TR prices are quite high nowadays!!!
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Probably because its more of a professional/enterprise type solution. Looking at tape drives for example, those also hardly go down much in price.
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