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The Stranger
Years ago I made a fan edit of Eyes of a Stranger (1981)
I was from DVD and I waited for years for a Blu-ray release
Finally, they released the Blu-ray some time ago and I remade this '80 slasher to a 61-minute cut 
One of my favorites with (brief) make-ups effects by Tom Savini 
Savini was very busy in the '80s with his makeup effects like in The Burning, The Prowler, Friday the 13th
For the people who know the original of Eyes of a Stranger, I removed some unbelievable stuff like the escape of Lauren Tewes from the apartment of the killer 
Also, the friend of Tewes is completely cut-out, unnecessary character for this edit.
John Disanti is outstanding in his role as the cold-blooded killer 
I converted the sound in a DTS 5.1 track and from today it's online on my site 
Another title: simply called The Stranger

[Image: 17BoaC7.jpg]
Thanks given by: Hitcher

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