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The Crow'93
[Image: Teaser-poster-copy.png]

I have been collecting a variety of materials and plan on creating a working print of sorts to nail the original tone of the film pre-accident (including the logo).

All re-shot *or one that I am 100% sure are reshot* will be removed and replaced with storyboards and text dialogue with music similar to this:

I have most of the storyboards of unfished scenes (will be coloring them)  and 3 different workprints and behind the scenes videos that I plan to use in this edit as well as a script latest revision was 1/30/93)

I am just debating if I should use the DVD as a base (need to buy if the case though I have the UK dvd) or use the bluray. The file will be SD since some of the workprints are rough.

The only post-accident assets I plan to keep will be the film being in memory of Brandon and the score (which appears to be mostly completed after the film was picked up by Miramax

#1: Eric's resurrection preview - https://streamable.com/v9lx7e
Thanks given by: mofo69
The first set of storyboards have been colorized
[Image: 001.jpg] [Image: 002.jpg] [Image: 003.jpg] [Image: 004.jpg] [Image: 005.jpg] [Image: 006.jpg] [Image: 007.jpg] [Image: 008.jpg] [Image: 009.jpg] [Image: 010.jpg] [Image: 011.jpg] [Image: 012.jpg] [Image: 013.jpg] [Image: 014.jpg] [Image: 015.jpg] [Image: 016.jpg] [Image: 017.jpg] [Image: 021.jpg] [Image: 022.jpg] [Image: 023.jpg] [Image: 024.jpg] [Image: 025-copy.jpg] [Image: 026-copy.jpg] [Image: color005.jpg] [Image: color006.jpg] [Image: color007.jpg] [Image: color008.jpg] [Image: color009.jpg] [Image: color010.jpg] [Image: color011.jpg] [Image: color012.jpg] [Image: color013.jpg] [Image: color014.jpg] [Image: color015.jpg] [Image: color016.jpg] [Image: color017.jpg] [Image: color018.jpg] [Image: color019.jpg] [Image: color020.jpg] [Image: color021.jpg] [Image: color022.jpg] [Image: color023.jpg] [Image: color024.jpg] [Image: color025.jpg] [Image: color026.jpg] [Image: color027.jpg] [Image: color028.jpg] [Image: color029.jpg] [Image: color030.jpg]
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Interesting project! Ok

I'd just change the thread title, to reflect better the project intentions.
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(2021-08-03, 12:54 PM)spoRv Wrote: Interesting project! Ok

I'd just change the thread title, to reflect better the project intentions.


The Crow was supposed to be released in the Summer of 1993 so I thought it was fitting, any suggestions? I thought Digital Workprint like Batman Forever but multiple workprints exist for the Crow, they're just all post accident.
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Dunno... something like "The Crow - the version that might have been but never was" maybe? (too long, I admit, but it surely gives the idea!)
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This reminds me of The Crow City of Angels Second Coming edit. I love that.
If you haven't seen it, take a look. It might give you some ideas on how to manage missing footage.

Edit: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/the-crow-city-o...nd-coming/
Thanks given by: eledoremassis02
Quick question, I finished up to the Eric arriving to his apartment. When I published the video there are a few spots where there is a quick cut (where you see a split second of the next shot that I cut, even tho I cut the video right before the splice). Anyone know whats causing it? I'm using Vegas 18
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