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Hey all!
I'm Cory - only recently discovered this and other fan edit communities, but I made my first fan edit / restoration a decade ago. It's an uncut version of Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood that inserts all of the cut workprint footage, complete with new sound effects and expanded score, while bringing down the quality of the DVD sourced Part VII theatrical to make the whole experience feel like a beat up VHS tape. I also made a b&w version of Jason Lives that keeps the red for any blood, gore and wherever the red dot goes.

I'm looking at starting a couple new projects, firstly a director's cut of Scream using the new 4K transfer with inserts from DC sources (LD or one of the R2 imports from Germany/Japan). Anyway, long intro, but wanted to say hello!
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Ten years ago; quite a long time for a faneditor... Welcome!
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I have the Japanese Scream DVD, one of the earliest DVDs with seamless branching I think. It's a pity they haven't put out a DC in HD.
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