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Poll: Do you like the new layout?
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Yes, it's cleaner, keep it!
36 92.31%
No, gimme back the old one...
3 7.69%
Total 39 vote(s) 100%
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New layout - BETA TEST!
In few minutes I'm going to reorganize the forum layout - not a revolutionary change, and no forums/subforums will be deleted, only sorted in a different way.

The new layout is in beta test until the end of the year; if there will be enough positive response, I'll keep it - if not, I'll revert back to the old one.

Personally I think the new layout is cleaner, but it's up to you to decide that... so, vote vote VOTE!
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Sorry, poll was closed until I finished to manage the layout... it's open now!
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Sorry again for the mess...

Now "it seems" to be the provisional final layout - I hope! Big Grin
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For anyone using my small header userstyle, I've updated it to work with the new light theme. Uninstall the old version and install the new one from here. Then make sure you select that you're using the "new light theme" and it'll look like this:

[Image: rZs7nh8.png]

I know strange choice of colour, if anyone has an improvement for it by all means select a colour. It's better than nothing though which left a white with white text on it.

I haven't put the disc in the small-header logo it looks too cluttered, but I've isolated it if anyone wants to play around with it:

[Image: y4yFwoq.png]
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