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i found this site looking for special editions in 4k hdr; thanks for admitting me
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Welcome Sack! I would suggest you take sack16 as nickname and delete your email from your profile name, as it could attract you spam bots and other unwanted hassle.
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@Stamper: I did it for him, as he's offline.
@sack16x22: if you want to use another username, I can set for you.
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(2021-12-24, 05:49 PM)spoRv Wrote: ¡Bienvenidos!

@Stamper: Lo hice por él, ya que está desconectado.
@ sack16x22: si quieres usar otro nombre de usuario, puedo configurarlo por ti.
Hola¡ Asi esta bien pero si creeis que hay problema de spam podeis ponerme SacK o Sack16 lo que querais¡, muchas gracias¡¡¡ que gran comunidad y que gran contenido¡
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But please use English, as per forum rule! Wink
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