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Pierre; ou, Les ambiguïtés (2001, dir. Leos Carax) - First ever English subs
Leos Carax's unreleased masterwork "Pierre", the uncut version of his 1999 theatrical release "Pola X", has gone without any kind of release since its first airing on Arte in September 2001. Allegedly this is due to rights issues but that's just hearsay. A recording of a VHS archival copy finally leaked onto a Québécois forum last autumn, and with the help of a French speaker who wished to remain anonymous I have produced the first, as far as I know, English translation of the additional scenes & merged that with the official subtitles for "Pola X", which are probably not quite to the standard of precision I'd like from a translation for such a great filmmaker but I couldn't find anyone willing to transcribe the French of the whole film for me to produce a new translation from scratch, only the additional scenes (I can translate written French but I'm no good at spoken French, and none of Carax's films appear to have any French subtitles on their official domestic releases.). Don't know if it's perfect, the picture quality certainly isn't, but it's a damn sight better than not being able to watch this great miniseries at all.

Hugely recommend for fans of Mauvais Sang and Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf, it's horrendous that this has gone without even a DVD release. Featuring both Guillaume Depardieu and Scott Walker at their most sublime. I don't know anything about private trackers and all that but the files are now up on Soulseek semi-permanently under my username. Looks like somebody's already reposted my version on YouTube, too. Enjoy!
Thanks given by: lotusandec

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