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Hey. Nice to meet everyone.
Big Grin 
Hello everyone! I finally got around to joining the forum, I remember lurking on the other site forum.fanres back before this site existed. Now I mostly specialize in upscales and have shared a fair amount on another private forum. I am making an account here not only to check out some of the projects I am highly interested in, but to potentially contribute myself. Big Grin
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Hi, and welcome!
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(2023-01-28, 11:24 AM)Stamper Wrote: Hi, and welcome!

Question about the projects detailed here, obviously I know this site doesn't host any content. But when people refer to "the usual places", are they referring to MySpleen and BluTopia or I am possibly confused? I would like to add that if that were to be the case, than it would be nearly impossible for me to contribute or check out any of the projects mentioned here.
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You're not necessarily confused.

And welcome!
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