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Beauty and the beast : French Original Dub and Opening Title + Color Timing
I want to recreate B&tB with a similar look like on theater in 1991 (1992 in France ?).

The project include :

• Replace the original opening logo for the french logo (WIP)
-Recreation of the French logo in 4k (done)
-Cleaning the original title on the BR / 3D / UHD (WIP)

Logo on LD:
[Image: ldV7tdX.png]

Logo recreation :
[Image: acCVCR4.jpg]

• Put the good background when Belle talk with Gaston (at 0:08:30 on the BR / 3D / UHD) (WIP)
-Recreation of the original background in 4k (WIP)
-Cleaning the background on all frames of this scene (done)
-Color matching (WIP)

Background recreation (from elements on UHD) :
[Image: CypNpce.jpg]

Original Background:
[Image: 79IkIDf.jpg]

BD/3D/UHD Background:
[Image: eFeGeNJ.jpg]

• Replace the logo castle opening, for the 80-90’s logo castle (WIP)
-Finding the best source for the 80-90’s logo castle (for the moment, I’ve found the best on “The Great Mouse Detective” BD, there’s a bit of color banding, but I can fix it)

• Original French dubbing (done)
-Capture of the french LD 44,1 khz bit-perfect (done)
-Sync on BR/3D/UHD finalized on 24 bits 48 khz (done)

• Change the look of the BD UHD / 3D (WIP)
-Change Color Timing for give a look beetween 35mm and LD / VHS (WIP)
-Bonus : adding grain ? (WIP)
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , SHM

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