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Low budget movies with great storylines, anyone?
Hello everyone,

I really love movies, and when you love movies you've seen them all, box office hits and B-movies and all sort of independent movies.

And if I really love a movie, I watch all known versions, including fanedits!

I really like digging unknown gems, for example 2 movies that are really good and most people haven't watched are Freaks and Mortal.

I also love low budget movies with great storylines. They Live anyone?

All the best,

Mike Smile
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(2023-04-01, 01:38 PM)mrs1 Wrote: I also love low budget movies with great storylines. They Live anyone?

Honestly, I would just suggest picking up more John Carpenter movies to fill up your solid low–budget catalog hahaha
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Buffalo 66, Criminal w/ John C. Reilly 2004, The Prime Gig 2002, Late For Dinner 1991
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Thank you, added to my backlog!
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River's Edge (1986)
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How about "Joe Vs the Volcano" 1990? Early Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan. Funny, odd, heartwarming movie
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Donnie Darko, one of my personal favorite films.
Project creator.
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Was Joe vs the Volcano a low budge film? Imdb says $25 Million in 1990.
I remember it being a big deal when it came out since it was romantic comedy with Meg Ryan after When Harry Met Sally and Tom Hanks who was pretty much all comedy at the time. (But yeah, I like it).

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