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The Italian Job 4K master and UHD
I’m not pleased with Paramount’s 4k master for Kino’s UHD of The Italian Job….The source scan seems great and it’s better than the hideous DNR fest 2009 UK BD…
But it has dodgy color timing with teal infusion in spots, some random DNR shots, moments of crap encoding with noisy frozen grain/noise shots though thankfully they’re mostly limited to long shots though there are one or two fleeting noise halos, HDR that’s okay but makes everything more obvious so that the SDR BD hides the transfer anomalies more and even redone text in the opening titles.

The crap 5.1 remix is here but thankfully for the first time since LD there’s a mono track. It sounds clearer than the LD mono which sounds a bit veiled by comparison yet the Kino mono has different levels at points for all the effects so it may be a newer mono moxdown transfer from the stems like Paramount used to do.

I think this master was done in 2019 for the 50th anniversary DCPs in the UK and was finally given over to Kino.

Has anyone here seen the Kino disc? I’d be curious to hear everyone’s thoughts. This could have been great but it’s sure frustrating. At least it’s better than the hideous 2009 disc and has a version of the mono plus all the old extras.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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The UK is miles better but annoyingly only the 5.1 remix
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There's an UHD coming from Paramount in the UK
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It's out, as I said above your post I have it Smile
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Oh my bad, I thought only the BD was out and thought you were refering to it.
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Nope I have the UHD, it's miles better but no mono is a big issue
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+1000ms appears to sync the Dual Mono from Kino to Paramount. Exactly 24 extra frames at beginning compared to Kino and same throughout.
Thanks given by: dvdmike , BDgeek

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