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Reboot 1994
Reboot 1994 tv series needs This specific d1 tape deck Bosch BTS DCR-500 to preserve it in high quality. Please help if you can.
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i haven't seen any info on why they need ONE specific d-1 player. aren't d-1 master tapes a standard used all over? why wouldn't any d-1 player work for these?

pretty sure any d-1 player would work for these. i'm guessing they don't wanna pay big $$$ to send them off to a shop that can handle them easily and wanna do it themselves? whole thing feels a bit odd.
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I don't think many D1 machines were ever made and they were probably all junked once HD took hold.
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(2024-01-08, 06:25 PM)zoidberg Wrote: I don't think many D1 machines were ever made and they were probably all junked once HD took hold.

any d-1 player should work though, but they are apparently looking for the hardest to find one because that is what was used on the show.

and it would be crazy if they were all junked in that short of a time span. the last movie i think used d-1 tapes was inland empire, ~18 years ago which means the d-1 format spanned at least 20 years of use. there's a dude who posted a video a video of a working 500 machine just a few years ago so i'm sure they'll find one at some point.
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There may or may not be some proprietary stuff going on with the deck used or the storage method, perhaps it's encrypted. Maybe it's good old 90's nostalgia
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