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[In progress] [Audio] Pather Panchali 1955
Hello FR community

Criterion UHD has released the UHD of the Apu Trilogy, not going to go in much detail about the PQ as the topic is about the audio.
well then, lets get started...

Got all the possible sources to compare
- Criterion UHD / Criterion BD / Angel DVDR / Artificial Eye / Columbia Star DVDR / WEB-DL

Criterion UHD:
A lot of the folks would not notice this at first, but the audio from Criterion and it previous versions (1080p)/DVD is cleaned. The NR is so damn high that it actually removes the bass and certain audibility. Looks like the Criterion Team just ran a Spectral repair tool and got this done without caring about the loss.
Usually with post processing, applying filters for hiss/hums/cracks & pops, without carefully doing it "line by line", there always is some form of loss - in this case it is quite significant..

Other Sources:
All the other Sources except Artificial Eye mentioned above are very similar to Criterion NR version of this audio, where as Columbia star being "minutely" better than the CC/WEB versions available online.

Artificial Eye
This is the only source which is unfiltered, it is so that the Noise (cracks, pops, hiss, etc...) present on this audio is very high,  but the integrity of every audio aspect related to this movie is very intact in its pure form.
- Sure I could have post processed it somehow without any one knowing and call it a day, But that probably would not have been the right thing
- The syncing of this is a pain in the ass, but this is not a big deal as it can be done. (I am half way through it).
- The AE audio sound like watching on CRT TV back in the day in its original form with a decent amounts of noise, folks from the region can relate to this to a certain extent Wink

Linked a comparison below of a significant score which involves around the religious belief.

Here is a sample between the contenders - https://qiwi.gg/file/dBZe8715-test

AE - https://i.slow.pics/nYz4iRyn.png
CC - https://i.slow.pics/bFXiUN2o.png

50 % done in sync
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , NeonBible , M A , Fitzert0

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