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Greetings all,

Like many others I'm sure, I found this forum after being extremely dissatisfied with the state of the commercial releases of some of my favourite films. While not a full on industry "pro" (except live sports production and live TV encoding for cable distribution), I have tangentially touched parts of the film production and post-production world, and have always been quite passionate about a/v presentation, and also about preserving the experiences I've held so dearly.

Watching 4k77 with my kids yesterday, and finding this forum among others has given me hope that all of those experiences that I thought lost to the capitalist/corporate machine forever, are in fact still out there. This is all thanks to such a passionate community of like-minded individuals that are putting in a lot of work for the good of the community. I love it already!

I'm not yet sure when or how I can contribute to the community, but hopefully I can figure out a way. Thanks everyone!
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