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Fire In The Sky

Does anyone have the LD audio for Fire In The Sky that they could share or rip?  I have an MKV that has only Russian audio and I'd like to replace it with english audio so that I may watch it proper like.


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I need to check my collection but I am pretty sure I have that disc. I am setting my Pioneer LD-S9 up in my studio so I can start doing audio captures and if I can't figure it out straight away, I would be glad to send the disc out on loaner to someone that is setup to capture the audio for you.
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I just went through my LD collection and sadly, I DO NOT have Fire In The Sky. It is listed as owned in my ledger so perhaps I have it tucked away somewhere else though I can't think where that would be. If I find it I will let you know. My apologies.
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It's fine. Hell, even if I could get the DVD audio I'd be happy.

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There's 720p WEB-DL on RuTracker with original English audio, not LD though.
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(2016-07-30, 01:25 PM)Colek Wrote: There's 720p WEB-DL on RuTracker with original English audio, not LD though.

I thought it was the one I downloaded and that the "contains English language" ended up being a mistake. I will have to take another look, thanks.
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