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Sticky thread about custom artworks (request, discussion & showing)
Hi. I wonder if it's possible on this forum to have a special sticky thread about custom artworks that could be shared, showed, discussed & requested ?

By artworks I mean anything related to projects happening here, like DVD/Blu-Ray covers, title cards (openings & endings) reconstructions or recreations, Posters (custom & originals), etc.

I think personally the forum & all the projects happening here could benefit from this. Don't you agree ?

Can we make this happen ?

Thanks to answer

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One thread for multiple artworks would be hard to search through. Maybe a new forum category, with a thread for each piece? What do you think?
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Good enough
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Like the sound of it
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BTW, who do we know here that are expert graphic artists (designers & illustrators) ?
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Huh... No one on Fanres that is a good graphic designer/artist ? Come on !
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Maybe you could do it?
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As soon as I can get some time, I'll jump in, indeed. The thing is, I don't know where I should start (what project to begin with). I'll probably do the "released" projects first (mostly for dvd covers & disc labels). Then, I'll see...

There are some other works I would like to do (opening and ending cards), but I need some "very skilled" help in graphic design in order to achieve this. Also, some help in technical image restorations in films (clean ups, stabilization, color adjustments, grain extracted/copied and then added to the newly made artworks, etc) will be quite necessary.
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Hi. Just pitching some ideas here, but what logo(s) specifically for Fanres do we have and how would you like to revamp the one in use for the forum (this is foe Fanres only release, BTW) ?

Also, Which type of cover template style should we use ? Criterion Eureka/Masters Of Cinema ? Kino Lorber ? A cross between some of them ? Some other template style not named (please name it/them and show some examples) ?

Thanks to participate.
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Regarding the Cover Template:

I think there should be non "Fanres" Template. I think that should upon the creator of the resturation/convertion/regrade.
Like, I feel like a regard collection for teh alien saga should use a different template and style as the Full Screen upconverts.

The template and designs should fit the regarding content.
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