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Small header change
I made small change to the header; I removed "Buddy List" link, and replaced it with "Subscribed Threads" link; also, removed "View" from "New Posts" and "Today's Post" links (just to make room for the new link).

Why? I think the most used links should be placed there, and "Subscribed Threads" seems more used than "Buddy List"...

Of course, if you think I should revert to the previous status, just post here!
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Ok, but add the "view" part back - there is plenty of space, even for small displays, and it feels kind of wrong now
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Done! Should I add "View" even to "Subcribed Threads"?
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Maybe not Tongue
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Just added "Unread" to mobile version; I realized that I missed a lot of interesting thread because of this missing link, so I thought to add it.

Hope it is a welcome addition.
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everyone's my buddy on here so a list is not needed
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