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Mail problems & incoming hosting change
Some of you may have noticed, but there have been problems with e-mail notifications (account activations, PM responses etc.) during the last week or so. This was the final nail in the coffin of the current hosting provider for me, so I'll be looking to change it as soon as possible.

It will most likely happen on this Saturday, or Sunday. During the process, some people will keep seeing old instance of the forum, since DNS changes can take 24 hours to propagate, sometimes even more. To avoid people posting to this old instance (and these posts not being moved to new instance), it will be completely locked with some kind of information message. Hopefully the new service will be better.
Thanks given by: DoomBot , bronan , Valeyard , spoRv , PDB , Stamper , crampedmisfit1990
OK, we're back online. While I was at it, I finally updated MyBB and all plugins we use to latest version. Please report any problems with the software you might see, and let me know how the new host is working out. Even if everything works the same as before, please post, that's important info too.
Nice, just got the first notification email in weeks. Smile
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Everything seems okay so far
Thanks given by: Feallan
Is it just me or is the private message editor / advanced BBCode editor broken?


Also that postimg (?) upload button seems to be gone.
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Strange, it's only on dark theme. I'll look into it.

As for the postimg, I actually disabled it on purpose. There is no way to host its javascript files here, and I don't trust that site to not include something malicious in the future.
Thanks given by: Valeyard
Ok, so I take it, everything is OK with the new host. I'll buy a year of service from them
Thanks given by: bronan

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