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Music Albums on Laserdisc -- Worth Preserving?
About a year ago, I found a Laserdisc of the Chicago 17 album at a local thrift shop... It has the entire album, plus two music videos for You're The Inspiration and Hard Habit To Break.

Although I don't have a LD player, I picked it up largely because at the time, I had never seen an album on LD before.

Is it worth it to rip the LD video and get a bit perfect capture of the LD audio?
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There are many music laserdisc still not released on any other higher quality medium (DVD, BD); so, I think it could be an occasion to buy a player, a good capture card, and use it to build up some experience.
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There was a 24 bit/192k download from HDTracks which sounds excellent, I just wasn't sure if there was some unique audio mastering on the LD that warranted a cap. Only one way to find out, I suppose! Big Grin

I am actually in the market for a new computer (mine is around 9 years old), so that will work perfectly!
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I wait too much to buy a new (actually used) computer after so long... so, go for it! An i7 quad-core is a must, I think.

About master differences: don't know, I'm no expert here. But I'm sure there are at least some music concerts available only on laserdisc.
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