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Seamless branching, Part I: A Primitive Guide
Seamless branching is still a complicated thing for the hobbyists who partake in the fine art of fan restoration, but when you want multiple cuts of something and you want it done efficiently, seamless branching is the best option. Or, it would be, if there was a known easy way to do it.

This guide covers the easy part, which nets you a huge file equivalent in size to the files you join in this manner. I tested it yesterday, and the result played OK in Windows Media Player, but Media Player Classic had quite a few problems and VLC Media Player had artifacting at the start of each M2TS file that made up the MPLS file.

Anyway, here's the primitive method:

1. Download and open TSSplitter. You can find it on the VideoHelp forum, right here.

2. Open the File menu, and select "Open for Joining".

3. Click the Add button, and select the files you want to join together. You might want to look under "All files" instead of "TS files", as depending on how the TS files were produced they may not show up if you're looking under "TS files".

4. Once you've got everything, change the suffix from ".Joined.m2ts" to ".mpls", and click the Join! button.

Once I find a more advanced method of making an MPLS file which should bring the file size down significantly to that of a more traditional MPLS file, I'll make a follow-up thread. In the meantime, I'll continue my research on the subject of seamless branching.
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Thanks for the guide, waiting for the updates!
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2 links I found. Hope they help someone.
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The former link, from AutoHotkey, was of great help to me! Only trouble is, I can't for the life of me figure out the bulk of the "Playlist Mark Entries". I mean, I do get the M2TS filename and the languages, but other stuff is to me a bit murky, to put it lightly.
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A possible source of "search terms" to be googled that might help you.

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