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Which BDs/DVDs you have found at great price?
Today I've been on the nearby mall center, and I've paid a visit to local game store; asked for Blu-ray, as they were not displayed; "Have you any used one?" - "Wait a moment, I'm going to take them all, but I don't think so..."

Two minutes later, the guy have been back with thirty titles, more or less: "Well, they are mixed, brand new and used"; watched the price tags: "Hey, 9.99€ for an used title?!?" - "Let me check... nope, their price are greatly reduced!"

So, after checking them all, I discarded the ones I had, the unwatchable ones, the ones I can live very well without, and give a go to the ones I'm happy to get; they are:

Iron Man 3 (new)
Django Unchained (new)
Hotel Transilvania 2 (BD+3DBD)
A Bug's Life
The Incredibles
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight (2 BD)
The Dark Knight Rises (2 BD)
Man Of Steel
X-Men quadrilogy (4 BD)
The Exorcist (Steelbook BD + DVD)
Shining(Steelbook BD + DVD)

Tag price for all: >120€, discounted price: 29€! A good price, I think, as just the last two cost more than that, brand new..

Now it's your turn!
Thanks given by: captainsolo
The best used scores I've made recently:
A whole bunch of Criterion LDs mostly sealed and Welles titles for about $25
A local pawn shop got nearly all of the restored Marilyn Monroe BD titles plus an import exclusive for $20
And I finally found the rare OOP Lionsgate BD of The Phantom in a store closing sale for $5.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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(envy mode on) $25 for all of them? How many titles?!? (envy mode off) Tongue
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