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Poll: Would you like to see acronyms automically replaced with their corresponding words (like I I R C -> if I recall correctly) ?
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What is an acronym?
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common abbreviations/acronyms
These are some abbreviations for specific phrases commonly used in forums and boards.

Following is a list of some common acronyms and their meanings:

A F A I C — as far as I'm concerned
A F A I K — as far as I know
A F A I R — as far as I remember
A F K — away from keyboard
A S A P — as soon as possible
B B L — be back later
B B S — be back soon
B R B — be right back
B T W — by the way
C U — see you, used as a goodbye.
C U L 8 R — see you later
E O M — end of message
F A Q — frequently asked question
F C F S — first come first served
F Y I — for your information
F W I W — for what it's worth
G J — good job
G M T A — great minds think alike
H A N D — have a nice day
H T H — hope this helps
I I R C— if I recall correctly
I M H O — in my humble opinion
I M O — in my opinion
I M N S H O — in my not-so-humble opinion
I O W — in other words
L M A O — laughing my a** off
L O L — laughing out loud, or lots of laughs
n 0 0 b — newbie, meaning a newcomer not yet familiar with the rules
N P — no problem
O P — original poster
O T — off topic
O T O H — on the other hand
P I T A — pain in the a**
R O F L (or R O T F L) — rolling on the floor laughing
R U — are you?
T B H — to be honest
T I A — thanks in advance
T T Y L — talk to you later
W T F — what the f**k?
Y M M V — Your mileage may vary (you may see different results)
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Come on, it's not 1998 Big Grin
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Andrea schooling us yet again. TTL means Time To Live. What? Wink
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Well, FYI it *may* be that a non-English native speaker could find this interesting - in particular who uses an automatic translator (that does NOT translate these acronyms... IMHO I thought to add here all the audio-video jargon as well - LD, AC-3, PCM etc. - but I'm too lazy to compile a complete list, WTF! Tongue
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Yes absolutely I agree a glossary of our acronyms and abbreviations is a great idea, we're just poking fun at you. Smile
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IKT (I know that...) - LOD Big Grin

A volunteer to compile a comprehensive list of technical acronyms including GUI, WYSIWYG, HD-DVD, D-VHS, PCM etc.?
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FTFY - Fixed that for you.
WYSHS - What you should have said.
ALLOL - Actual literal laugh out loud.
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(2017-06-03, 02:13 AM)spoRv Wrote: .. some common acronyms and their meanings ..

BTW FYI AFAIC & IMHO GMTAWink  But IOW & TBH RU ROFL? Because IIRC ... WTF = Where's The Fun? !

[Perhaps we can have Feallan program a cursor-hover routine to look-up and display the acronyms' expansion, in the proper language of course. WTF? No, WTF!]
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BronzeTitan writes a lot of... nice and useless things usually Tongue more than me, but this time he had a nice idea.

What do you think?

I've added only a replacement word for Y M M V (that is not so widely used as other expressions); just try to type it, and you'll see that automagically it would be replaced with the corresponding words.

If you like this thing, I could add all the common acronyms, including the ones used here than nobody knows - somone still thinks that R O T L A is a variation of R O T F L! Big Grin
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