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[proposal] The X-Files - Fight the Future
Not only the BD has a different color grading - pinker on BD, and more "theatrical" IMHO on DVD, as the following:


but I've made a creepy discovery: it has "enanched CGI", 'a la' Star Wars - Han Solo defreezing from carbonite, in particular!!! Eek (top DVD, bottom BD)

[Image: TXF_enhanced_CGI.jpg]

Still don't know if any other shot is affected, but to me, this is enough (along with different color grading) to proceed!

Cinema DTS track
LD DTS track
LD AC-3 track
open matte version
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Huh I had no idea this had happened
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I discovered it myself few hours ago... I wonder how many titles have this kind of little "enhancements" that could pass unnoticed by almost all but the most neatpicking observers!
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I say go for it. The skin tones are much better on the DVD. Otherwise there are enough color differences to be worth a project (and Cinema DTS)
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Yep, agree... but probably, as fool as I am, the one-shot CGI difference may have been enough to embark in a complete project! Happy
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Using Dre's program:

BD matched to DVD
[Image: AHYi2K6.jpg]

Still there but buried a lot more. Its possible it was some sort of fill light or pre-SFX that got covered up in color timing. But I'm guessing
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Yes, regraded is much less noticeable, but still there... also, ***it seems*** the CGI inside the eyes is different, too, but a deeper comparison is needed.

"I want to believe" has not great differences - it's a bit more greener on BD, but I suspect it's due to color spaces.
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Anything X-Files is good by me! Big Grin What would be the source of the open matte framing?

Maybe a silly question, but were you contemplating doing a sort of "despecialized" version of the film? Assuming of course that there are other effects that have been redone...

Those audio tracks sound like wonderful inclusions!! Probably another silly question... But I do have that original DVD with both DD 5.1 and DTS tracks... I thought the DVD DTS sounds excellent. Would I be correct in assuming that the LD DTS is superior?
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Open matte would be taken from HDTV - using another source to wipe out logo, probably BD.

Eventual "enhanced CGI" shots could be replaced by upscaled DVD.

Audio: can't answer to this, an expert may do that, perhaps.
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