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Hardcore Henry (2015)

First, I should say that this is a movie I wanted to see maybe since twenty years ago... yes, a rollercoaster, non-stop ride full of action and violence! This is not a movie for the faint of heart; you may feel sick sometimes, nausea, headache, due to very fast action and the whole POV shot style. But if you can resist, this is an amazing experience, gorgeous, exilarating, surprising... (add your superlative adjective here, probably it will fit well).

What can I say? Did you love Crank (and Crank 2)? Well, take it, multiply it for a great factor, and you can have an idea of what this movie is! Visually, it's stunning, long uninterrupted shots of parkour, flying vans after accidents, gun and rifle shootings, and so on and on for 90 minutes.

Sharlto Copley was amazing is his roles, funny, over the top; Henry was interpreted by no less than ten different persons - surely because wearing that kind of camera put a lot of stress on the neck, but I presume also because some of them are better on parkour, others with fighting, or stunts etc. - there are a lot of different action, and you can take your breath for few seconds every dozen minutes, as the action is almost non-stop, really!

The director, Ilya Naishuller, is specialized in POV footage, as you can see in his previous works, but here reached a very high level of perfection; I've never felt the action faked, always focused on what's going on on the screen without thinking for a moment "it looks so fake" as often happens seeing other films, even the high budget Hollywood production. You can also think about it as a first-person shooter video game gameplay, with a very strong plot and video quality.

What can I say more? Maybe I'm a sucker for this kind of movies (Crank 1 & 2, as written, but also Gamer), but I really liked it; think also that with a limited budget of only 2M$ they were capable to do so much! I strongly advice to give it a chance, unless you can't watch too violent content - and I bet you're not that kind! Wink

Vote: 9/10
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