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Vegas on Humble Bundle!
This thread was originally called "Vegas Pro 14 Edit for $20 on Humble Bundle!"

Faneditor spence posted this at fanedit.org.


If you pay $20, you get Vegas Pro 14 and some other software that might or might not be useful.  If you're looking for a decent editing program without a hefty price-tag, this is about as good as it gets, especially since other software is included.  Just a heads-up!

Warning: This product might not be suitable for dinosaurs.  Big Grin
Thanks given by: IcePrick , spoRv , Valeyard
Dinosaur says: beware, it's the Vegas Pro 14 Edit version - which lacks DVD/BD authoring, filters and special effects... still a very good offer, thinking also the bunch of other softwares!
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Yeah, I didn't expect it would come with the authoring package. Thanks for the clarification though! *thread heading updated*

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab looks potentially interesting...
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Might be a good secondary software to Premiere. Sucks I won't have money till January.
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I'm surprised fanedit allowed such a thing but since I'm not a member there I'm not worried.
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Why are you surprised, Fo? There's nothing wrong with notifying people of deals on software.
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(2017-12-17, 05:09 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: Why are you surprised, Fo?  There's nothing wrong with notifying people of deals on software.

I kinda thought that the user letting folks know was actually the one offering the deal. I meant nothing mean or personal by it.
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No, spence didn't offer the deal. He just gave people a heads-up. Smile
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My bad then, duly noted.

Thanks given by: Chewtobacca
Has anyone donated/bought this?
Does the purchase downloads work as smoothly as stated?
And is it (the video & audio programs) properly authorized legal ownership (without online registration -- and/or -- without constant online contact to keep it operational)?
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