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[Idea] Blade Runner 2049: 2D IMAX + 3D
If a full open matte version of Blade Runner 2049 is out there, I was hoping to do it as one of my projects, with the 2D IMAX version (complete with the custom intro) on one disc and the 3D version on the other. Obviously, I'm planning to include the Atmos track on both discs. Additionally, I'm going to regrain the 2D IMAX version with 70mm film grain using a special version of the 70mm film grain I managed to procure from a helpful YouTuber in stunning 4K.
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Someone on the Blade Runner subreddit pointed out that someone on Instagram posted a shot of the movie from DirectTV PPV and it looked Open Matte, don't know if that helps at all. Gonna try and look for the thread.
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I don't have PPV, nor do I have DirectTV. Course, it'd be nice if an open matte version were to pop up for the taking somewhere I can access.
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I saw the digital IMAX version in 3D and it was constant 1.90:1 apart from the end credits.

Was 2049 released anywhere on print like Nolan’s films are? Thinking because it was shot digitally wasn’t it.
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I'm planning the 2D IMAX version of my release to be constant 1.78:1, which appears to have been the negative aspect ratio. If it turns out to have been higher, I might also consider doing a VistaVision release with minor cropping on the left and right (from what I understand the open gate ratio for both of the cameras used in production was 1.55:1, whereas the most open VistaVision ratio was 1.5:1).
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(2018-01-17, 07:23 PM)Bigrob Wrote: I saw the digital IMAX version in 3D and it was constant 1.90:1 apart from the end credits.

Was 2049 released anywhere on print like Nolan’s films are? Thinking because it was shot digitally wasn’t it.

Saw it on IMAX in 1.90 also. Deakins talks about shooting 2.39 but protecting for the open up IMAX on his website. Have to find that link.

Later he says he is unaware of any prints:


but didn't know that the 70mm trailer was about. There was also a 35mm trailer attached to Dunkirk's 35mm prints and sold for a lot on ebay recently.

(Side Note: he talks about timing his own trailers which is cool and the home release: https://www.rogerdeakins.com/post-the-di...e-release/)

That is a shame since I saw the 70mm trailer attached to Dunkirk and it looked good with grain. Luckily, I made a recording of that and many shots from a regular showing for a possible project in the future.

More intersting notes:

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Far as I know there was no film release of this one. Saw this digital IMAX 2D in a theater that was designed for IMAX 70mm (Lincoln Center) and it looked incredible. Worth noting the opening logos were also matted to scope. Would there be any interest in a trailer reel for this one? I wrote down what played in front of it and have the 'IMAX @ AMC' bumpers in HD.

EDIT: As far as trailers for this being on film, all three of Dunkirk's film engagements, 35mm, 70mm, and IMAX 70mm had a trailer for this film printed in whatever format Dunkirk was being shown in.
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Let me know what they are.
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IMAX @ AMC intro and Coming Soon
The Foreigner
Roman J Israel, Esq
IMAX @ AMC - Coming Soon in IMAX
Jigsaw (this one = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9NfoSh3SkE)
Maze Runner: The Death Curse (this one = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkAUqMLC1Hk)
Thor: Ragnorok (this one = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrw9cLu17_k)
Pacific Rim Uprising
Only the Brave (this one = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87aUUMNcFEc&t=23s only it was open matte)
Geostorm (this one = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8tM6jjftdM; you’ll need to find a better sound mix for it)
Justice League (this one = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyJiUF3Ovm8)
IMAX @ AMC - Feature Presentation
Special Countdown (here = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPS7u7x8tx4 and on vimeo)
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