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[Proposal] Star Wars: The Force Awakens: An IMAX 3D Experience
This could be an extremely tough project. What we need to do in order to realize it is to capture every single 16:9 (as in, filling the whole screen) broadcast of SW:TFA from here on out, look at the "Escape from Jakku" sequence to see if it's open matte, and check it with the 3D print already circulating since just over a year ago.
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The scene has already been reconstructed by... Adywan, I think. He shared the scene on OT. I have his work. It's based on a broadcasting onto which he applied the Blu-ray for better quality and a layer of grain.
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I have that reconstruction now. All that's left is to check and see whether it'd be the left eye or the right eye of a 3D print.
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