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[Idea] new screenshot comparison site?
Well, caps-a-holic is very nice and professional, but it has almost nothing on HDTV or fullscreen DVD, and doesn't allow user entries; screenshotcomparison is simple and allow user entries, but it has also empty and wrong entries; diff.pics and framecompare allow user entries and, most important, more than two pics comparison, but lack a search engine...

Now, it will be nice to have a lightweight site like one of the latter, which DOES not host internally pics (so, a lot less bandwidth and web space), and allow something more; namely, a search engine, a fullscreen comparison, and a slide to see the before/after; I hunted high and low, but without success...

So, maybe we can do it - we made this very forum, at the end, so it would be a walk in the park.

For the moment,I set up a simple comparison here: http://ultimateaspectratio.co.nf/TheArrival.html

The idea is simple:
  • setup a free subdomain
  • main page will be a simple search engine
  • an input page (maybe password protected, so only our members could add pics, and so spam will be avoided) with FIVE simple variables:
    • name of the movie (which will appear in the page title)
    • URLs for both images
    • releases for both images
  • a script (PHP?) will create a new page named as the movie, and feed the other four variables to the easy js
that's all!

PROs: barebone, fast, low bandwidth and webspace usage
CONs: relies on external picture hosting that would eventually disapper one day (but screenshotcomparison hosted itself the image, and look what happened few months ago...)

There is a coder (or more than one) among us, so I'm pretty sure he could say it's quite easy to do so...
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Now I get what you meant. Smile

What would also be fun if it did have an upload function, but upon uploading it would create a proxy upload over on screenshotcomparison.com automatically, then simply sneakily hotlink those images for the own comparison. Big Grin Unethical, but workable? And there's a backup! Oh no wait ... they'll just wipe everything again someday and we'll be left without images...
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screenshotcomparison has a problem... dunno if it's "only" mysql related (as it seems), and/or the database was wiped out (again); it's not reliable anymore.
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found this one  https://comparescreens.com/ also works with outside URLs but does only two images

tried it out with couple of imgur uploads https://comparescreens.com/view_comparison?s=og3v2d
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