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x264 encoding from Adobe Premiere
It's no shock that the encoders built in Adobe Premiere are just trash. So any encoding would be done outside AP by encoding an AVI then using script. For the longest time i've been wanting to find another way to encode from Adobe Premiere and skip the AVI altogether. I think i found a workaround thanks to a guy that goes by the name Vouk. He came up with a free plugin based on LIBAV. I did some small testing alongside script encoding and got some nice results. Still have to do an entire film to make sure there's no issues.





Just need to figure out all the settings in the advanced settings to make sure it's as good as we can get it.

[Image: image.jpg] [Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg] [Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg] [Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg] [Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]

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Thanks given by: PDB , CSchmidlapp
Thanks for posting that Doombot. It looks like it might be a winner once we can get the finer details keyed in.
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I sure hope it is, going to save alot of time and hdd space.

If anyone has suggestions on proper settings, feel free to post.

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Nice, thanks for the heads up, Doombot.
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Your welcome Ok If you do any testing let us know.

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I've been trying the Advanced FrameServer for some stuff now and it works pretty well!
It's a small plugin for Premiere which works like a normal preset for exporting files from Premiere. The only difference is that it just creates a Fake-AVI of a few KB which you can load into an AviSynth-Script and encode with our "perfect" settings for x264. You just have to leave the export-window in Premiere open until you're finished, it'll stay at 0% all the time. Wink

As I said it works pretty well. For now I only tried it with some short stuff, but I don't see why it shouldn't work for a full feature.
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I've already tried that with some issues so i gave up on it. Plus encodes times were very long.

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Just did my first project in Premiere and went through this myself. What I ended up doing is exporting from Premiere as UT Video (lossless, around 100gb for a 1080p 24fps film), then encoded to x264 with Ripbot. I believe if youre using AVS then the UT video can also be opened from there with ffmpeg. It's an extra step, but on the plus side the export is pretty quick (seemed to be about realtime), and the file sizes aren't too insane.

Edit: sorry I'm dumb, I see now you're trying to cut out the extra step Smile
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(2018-04-30, 11:09 PM)DoomBot Wrote: I've already tried that with some issues so i gave up on it. Plus encodes times were very long.

Really? What happened?
You've got a point when it comes to speed: With a target bitrate of 25 MBit/s the first pass ran through at 18 FPS, the second one at 6 FPS on my i7-6700K/16 GB RAM-machine. That's still OK for short stuff like I've been playing with (up to 10 minutes runtime), but it may be horrible for a full feature. But I also have to add that I did the sizing with AviSynth, so the FrameServer had to export the full resolution. I read that the resizing-engines of AviSynth are much better than the ones in Premiere, so maybe that affected encoding-times as well.
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Can't see an option for 2 pass, am I missing it.
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