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UHD Releases but still the extras are in SD?
I have not yet or I am yet to migrate to UHD... I have a UHD TV with HDR and I will eventually start buying in to this format I suppose.

But when it comes to getting a UHD release ok, I own every film I practically I want to own in SD or HD, If I want it in UHD It will have to be something I really care to own in UHD because of the price tag. And the player costs...

But all these releases still have all the bonus content in Standard definition... How stupidly lazy still keep  adding the same old Bonus SD content without re-scanning the bonus material and upgrading that also.

So it's as if there is no budget for HD Deleted scenes or documentaries only the films themselves and that really is a bummer.

It does not really make me want to re-buy any films that I really admire at all... I don't feel any draw towards UHD when I look at the extras and they are all in SD... And also nothing new is being offered.

Considering I also churn these days at about 4 or 5 new films a year I really like...

DVD was amazing when it first hit and it still carries on surviving and Blu-ray has not killed it off and also UHD won't kill it off...

So what will kill off DVD and the Special features from the classics you love... Because only the films get a job and most of the time people complain about it looking different and also everything in the bonus section is just ported straight over in SD anyway.

What reason to keep buying the same if nothing new is offered?
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