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Poll: bias lighting:
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bias lighting behind display?
Thinking about adding it...


Opinions are welcome!
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That's interesting. I, myself, am using 2 basic lamps with brown lampshades on top of each column stereo speaker, a bit behind the screen so that there are no reflection on it. I did that to hide the clouding on my previous TV back in the day, and now I'm used to watch TV with that surrounding light at night. I never took into account the bulb color temperature, though. Mine are rather orangy. See picture below. It doesn't look as bright in reality.

[Image: juh2.jpg]
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I'm leaning towards 6500k pure white led strips behind TV; also curious to know if someone has an ambilight-type kit with HDMI, and related opinions.
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I should probably try this.
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I use this for my monitor: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Practical-L...B01BKU7B7I - works fine. Thinking of purchasing the larger one for my TV.
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I nearly bought a USB powered lighting strip, but luckily found out ahead of time that my TV 'wakes' occasionally to check updates. That turns on the USB port.

So, yeah, the light strip would have turned on at random times while the TV was off.
Haven't done much research since then.
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Bought a led strip at Ikea for 8.99€; way toooo warm (2700k), but in the store it seemed pure white (note: remember the automatic white balance of our eyes/brain is always on...)

75cm, it seems to do something, but I will replace it ASAP!
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Still using it (sometimes), and, despite the "wrong" white, it helps to eliminate eventual blooming, and increase contrast ratio - also thanks to too high brightness, I suspect, for SDR at least...
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For work purposes etc. I can understand it but for viewing anything absolutely not for me.
The biggest improvement I made in my HT setup was by cutting black board to mask off my monitors letterboxing in the dark. That helps with eye strain more than anything else I've tried and it cost virtually nothing.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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