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new dubbings of old movies
I'm just watching the previously "lost" (at least in Italy, according to Rai Movie) debut film of Peckinpah, "The Deadly Companions".

So, the Italian dubbing is modern. I found it inappropriate, dunno why... maybe because they used "wrong" voices, and/or modern words/terms which seems out of place for an almost 60yrs old film...

Have you experienced a recent dubbing of an old film? If so, what do you think?
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Oh, boy! Yes it has happened in France, too.
- Jaws: for the multichannel remix. Awful! At least, the Blu-ray includes both, so we have the original mono dub.
- E.T.: for the 2002 Special Edition. Even the limited edition DVD of the original cut has the redub. The Blu-ray fixes that.
- Duel: I'm not so familiar with this one. I hear there were 3 dubs. One for TV cut, one for original theatrical cut, one multichannel remix.
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I'm aware of very few redubbing here in Italy - for example, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Still, didn't know of first dubbing of old movies like the one in the first post; curious to know more about both - new and redone.
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