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Replying to Multiple-Recipient PMs ...
Replying to Multiple-Recipient PMs ...

... adds duplicate recipient entries (skips the 1st original recipient and then adds on duplicates of the rest) when Previewing an reply before sending. In my reply to such a one, I had to manually delete (click on the "x" to close) the duplicated names. More editing and previewing again created the duplicates (that I again manually deleted before sending).

Here's a clue: this did NOT happen on the originating multiple-recipient PM, which I also edited & previewed multiple times before sending.

Good luck tracking down this bug!
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This one I think is a bug in Mybb, I don't think I've seen it before one of the updates, I'll try to address it in a day or two
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I tried it a second time (new replies) but it didn't repeat that error.

Note that I used Firefox, but with a User Agent add-on -- that changes browser identity for increased security. Never thought of that at the time, but I'm sure it wasn't identifying as "Firefox". That may be a factor for the non-first duplications on "preview". If so, it's hard to blame the original programmer for not thinking of such possibilities ... that's where I come in.   Cool
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