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[Released] The Brothers Grimm 2005 35mmized
This is more or less a copy of the thread in the In Progress-forum, except for the paragraph before the thumbnail comparison.

I remembered this movie somewhat fondly from my younger years. In particular I remember I found it rather creepy. 

When I watched the Blu Ray, I had none of that feeling anymore. Was almost like I was watching a different movie. It all felt very slapsticky and almost like a comedy.

Now, while that *is* partly how the movie actually is, a large part of that is the grading. It's much too bright and low-contrast on the Blu Ray. Looks almost cartoonish and rather unfilmic imo.

Found 6 35mm screens (of the actual reels) on eBay. Decided to use DrDre's tool to make a LUT out of those and the corresponding Blu Ray screenshots. Did that. Modified LUT a little in Photoshop: Reduced the input contrast to fix excessive contrast from a bad 35mm photograph and clipping etc., then compensated with curves after the LUT. Always works, heh. Also compressed and lowered the shadows to give a more dark/gloomy feel that resembles the 35mm. 

Overall from looking at it, I would say the differences in general are:
- Darker shadows (thus higher contrast and more facial definition and "atmosphere")
- Desaturated blues/cyans
- More saturation in reds/oranges and in general less color variety in tungsten-looking scenes

Source I used is the IT Blu Ray, the highest Bitrate source I could find. They all use the same master from what I can tell on caps-a-holic, so it was a simple matter of choosing the highest bitrate source.

Am quite satisfied with the result, currently uploading, will be putting up on Blutopia.

Also used a grain plate to make it a still a little more filmic and hide the compression artifacts on the original Blu Ray source. Audio is FLAC 5.1 (from the original DTS-HD MA, lossless transcode) and also a Dolby Headphone track I prepared from the original track with foobar2000 and the Dolby Headphone plugin; as always, took care to avoid clipping by setting the correct amplification in the plugin settings.

Thumbnail comparison:
[Image: jcqIPMA.jpg]

Available on Blutopia now.
Thanks given by: Feallan
Sorry I won't be able to enjoy your work. I'll snag it if it ever hits the spleen.

Thanks given by:
I have a 35mm trailer scan if it's any use, either as a reference or a bonus feature.
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(2018-07-21, 03:36 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: Sorry I won't be able to enjoy your work.  I'll snag it if it ever hits the spleen.


Yeah sad. I could do a public torrent for you and PM you a magnet if you like.

(2018-07-21, 10:01 AM)jonno Wrote: I have a 35mm trailer scan if it's any use, either as a reference or a bonus feature.

Having already uploaded the project, it's unlikely I will really do anything with it but compare it to what I've done. 

I'd definitely like to have a look at it, though! I think I originally searched eBay for anything 35mm Brothers Grimm and didn't even see a trailer pop up of this.
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Thanks for the offer. I'm going to resort my pc and hard drives. It will keep me busy and out of some people's sight for awhile, lol.

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Lol. Is that a Thanks Yes or a Thanks No?
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Does anyone have the link to this project? The user who created this is not active anymore.
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