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Looking for a Studio Logo in HD (formerly: Looking for an 80's era Warner logo in HD)
Does anyone know where I can find this logo:

[Image: tsddmmb.jpg]

Damn Warners wiped their classic logo's from like 90% of their HD releases. It's the static Warner, scope logo post Saul Bass logo, mid-80s on.

It appears to be number 11 here:


(Hey, I'm at 3000 posts, that's neat and shocking at the same time)
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Well, I have that on Lethal Weapon 3 Blu-ray. It doesn't say "communications company", though:

[Image: wQ7V4.jpg]

Mars Attacks!, but it has the flying saucer:

[Image: OmjV2.jpg]

Executive Decision:

[Image: xjyaQ.jpg]

The Client:

[Image: y5y3e.jpg]


[Image: J0RQy.jpg]

Unforgiven, old edition:

[Image: rj7Q4.jpg]
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And we have a potential winner on Pale Rider, except that it says "presents" under it :

[Image: WQLj3.jpg]
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Eastwood's Tightrope (communications + presents), The Dead Pool (communications) and Every Which Way But Loose (Time Warner Entertainment Company) have it framed to 16:9.
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Thanks Beber and Plissken1138.

Beber, your posting of Pale Rider reminded me of another 1985 Warner movie; The Goonies

[Image: b5HVmUm.jpg]

which works but the fade to the skull might jink it. I have to test it. Thanks again guys
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This I can definitely guide you with, as I know of ones for sure that are the regular 1984-1990 version in scope with the "Warner Communications" byline and don't have any extra different things added or cross fades to custom credits gimmicks.

Criterion's Blu-rays of The Emigrants, The New Land, and Female Trouble all strangely have the scope version (also oddly preceding current Svensk Filmindustri logos on the former two while plastering the original New Line "Flashing Screen" logo on the latter).

The original 2006 BD of Leathal Weapon II (this one http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Lethal-Wea...u-ray/144/), as the 2012 remastered BD has the new CGI shield in it's place.

Warner Archive BDs are fantastic places to look since the Saul Bass Big W logos and other never seen before variants have started pop up on WB titles using brand new 2/4k restorations. One WA BD I know has a beautifully restored 1984-1990 version in scope with the WC byline is The Accidental Tourist. There may be a few more though that aren't on the top of my head right now, but these would be perfect for your usage.
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(2018-09-13, 03:53 AM)PDB Wrote: Thanks Beber and Plissken1138.

Beber, your posting of Pale Rider reminded me of another 1985 Warner movie; The Goonies which works but the fade to the skull might jink it. I have to test it. Thanks again guys

I suppose you could still use part of it and create a loop so that it lasts long enough and then create a fade to black or whatever color. Since it's a static logo anyway, a repeated single freezed frame might even suffice: adding some moving grain on it could do the trick, so that it wouldn't look frozen.
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Ive just watched my Passenger 57 blu and is suffers from the same problem.
They have even cut the opening credits music to begin later to accommodate the new logo jingle!
I really hate it when studios do this and Warner are the worst it seems.

Restoring some of these titles like passenger 57 back to there original state in the best possible quality should be a fairly simple project for even the most novice. Its just a matter of spare time and a healthy resource thread like this one to point people in the right direction / share needed asset Smile
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I think this is the logo that TomArrow helped me track down a while back for the Joe Vs The Volcano project I started. If so, I've got you covered! Smile Let me just double check what I've got ...
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Nuts -- the one I have is "A Time Warner Company", also. Apparently the switch from "Communications" was in 1990. I've compiled a list of possibilities that haven't already been mentioned from 1984-87. All are listed as scope according to imdb. No idea if one of these will work, as I don't have any of them in an HD format.
The Neverending Story
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
American Flyers
The Clan of the Cave Bear
Over the Top
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