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Carrie (Original Mono Audio)
According to the lddb, the Criterion LD was the last edition to use the original mono audio track:


All releases since have utilised an altered version, even the Shout! Factory edition and the Arrow edition. Arrow posted on fb that they searched MGM archives high and low, and were unable to find the original mono mix.

So I was wondering if any of you might have a copy?
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How was it altered? I’ve seen the film but not familiar with its home video history.
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The whole soundtrack was heavily remixed, but the easiest way to tell the difference is when Miss Collins is talking to all the girls in the gym hall. In the original, she says "You girls did a really shitty thing the other day" but in all new remixes, it's been crudely re-dubbed to "Yesterday".
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Wasn't that change only on the 5.1 mix while the mono was the true original mix on both releases? If releases prior to the 1990s LD and the 1998 non-anamorphic MGM DVD (which had the 5.1 only; http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=236) did indeed have the true mono mix with that one line, then I imagine MGM must've screwed up when they tried to utilize the mono elements for the 2001 SE DVD and probably just simply down-mixed the 5.1 to mono for the 2001 DVD and 2008 BD. Then when they gave that to SF and Arrow, MGM's current management had no clue about nada and claimed that one was "original" and "all they had".
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