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Considering how I didn't even notice this for a few days, I just thought I'd make up for that now.

To keep things simple, I'm a young Californian who's into horror movies and am heavily interested in seeing workprints and fan-edits of films for the sake of viewing them.

I may not be much help when it comes to the technical aspects of all these movies so don't expect much from me. I'm just here to just enjoy the forum and see what everyone here's got to show and offer.


Also minor side note, I can't seem to send PMs and I don't know entirely know why considering how I didn't see anything about it in the rules.

Either that or I'm an idiot and skimmed over it.
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You will be sble to use PM after a certain number of posts!
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(2018-10-12, 07:46 AM)spoRv Wrote: Welcome!

You will be sble to use PM after a certain number of posts!

Oh I get it, it's to prevent the spam accounts I saw being mentioned around right?
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