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[Idea] Tom and Jerry: The CinemaScope Years
Following on from my Tom and Jerry isolated scores idea, I thought I should like to make a Blu-ray of all the CinemaScope Tom and Jerry cartoons, with options for stereo and isolated soundtracks where available. The reason is simple: because I never got a copy of the cartoons with the complete picture - all I had was the Complete Classic Collection DVDs in which all the CS cartoons were cropped, and all unrestored, some of them censored. Also it doesn't have "Busy Buddies". Sad To my knowledge, few other releases apart from the Spotlight Collection have these shorts in their original format.

If the WB Kids YouTube is anything to go by, Digital HD versions of these shorts exist somewhere, but I haven't been able to find them. It may be that I have to use HDTV recordings for this, if indeed there are any. I should consider upscaling as a last resort only.

Most of these shorts have Perspecta Stereo soundtracks - does anyone know if these are preserved?

There was a brief spin-off toward the end of the MGM cartoon studio's existence, Spike and Tyke - I'd like to have these preserved if possible.

What I'd like is to have options for almost all of the CS shorts. Any help on these would be most appreciated.

a: Produced simultaneously in both the standard Academy format and in CinemaScope
i: Isolated score available
r: Remake of a previous cartoon; comparison video?
s: Perspecta Stereo
  • Pet Peeve (a, i)
  • Touché, Pussy Cat! (a, i)
  • Southbound Duckling (a)
  • Pup on a Picnic (a)
  • That's My Mommy (i)
  • The Flying Sorceress
  • The Egg and Jerry (r)
  • Busy Buddies (i)
  • Muscle Beach
  • Down Beat Bear (i)
  • Blue Cat Blues (i)
  • Barbecue Brawl (i, s)
  • Tops with Pops (r, s)
  • Timid Tabby (s)
  • Feedin' the Kiddie (r, s)
  • Mucho Mouse (s)
  • Tom's Photo Finish (i, s)
  • Happy Go Ducky (i, s)
  • Royal Cat Nap (s)
  • The Vanishing Duck (s)
  • Robin Hoodwinked (s)
  • Tot Watchers (i, s)

Plus the two Spike and Tyke shorts:
  • Give and Tyke (i)
  • Scat Cats (i, s)
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