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[Proposal] Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - UAR
An image worth more than thousand word, so:

HDTV (same frame size as BD, slight different color grading)
[Image: ToD-HDTV.jpg]

UAR (available only for the opening credits, about 2m40s) regraded
[Image: ToD-UAR.jpg]

Film scan "as is"
[Image: ToD-film.jpg]


UAR Vs film:

as you can see, UAR has quite a lot less image on top and bottom, a slight less on the right, quite more on the left; color grading is "gentle", just to remind a bit the film scan.

"UAR, because every pixel counts!™" Happy
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Which source did you use for the slight extra image on the left compared to the Film scan.
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An HDTV cap.
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Where's that film scan from?
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Dunno, found on the net some time ago, but only this night got the idea to make this test!

P.S. in movement it's still far from perfect...
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Did you just find that one frame or an entire scan? Smile (sorry for derailing your thread)
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Only that frame. Not derailing thread. Yet. Tongue
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What does UAR stand for?
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(2019-01-13, 04:54 AM)digitalfreaknyc Wrote: What does UAR stand for?

"Ultimate Aspect Ratio" I believe. All you need to know is that's it's just a hybrid of different sources of the same movie overlayed together to provide you as many pixels as possible.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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(2019-01-13, 04:54 AM)digitalfreaknyc Wrote: What does UAR stand for?

Where have you been for the last... decade? Tongue

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