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File Copy Verifing Software?
Does anyone have any recommendations as to good (free) software to verify one file against a copy?

As an example: I am losing a HDD and copied everything off of it to another HDD and want to compare the files one to one, HDD to HDD, to make sure there is no corruption.

Does that make any sense?
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1. Generate Checksum file on old drive,
2. Copy Checksum file to new drive and verify files.
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Any kind of checksum will enable you to verify the file.  For storage, I tend to keep archives and generate par2 files for them so that I can repair them if (for whatever reason) they become corrupted.
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DupeGuru will show you all duplicate files between two folders, but it may not be a great choice if you already have duplicate files per se (for example if you have any recurring textfiles or saved websites with identical javascript files etc). It's not specifically meant for this, but in some cases you could use it for that.
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Thanks for the advice and hints guys. I’ll give them a whirl.
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