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“The ResolveR” is here, finally!
Big Grin 
The ResolveR

the ultimate restoration workstation

[Image: 4176601198_1072c659c9_o.jpg] 

Note: Doctor April S.F.Ool is not involved in this project, nor she was actually informed of it - any reference to her is purely coincidental.
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[Image: x5T4AJw.png]
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[Image: about-to-destroy-that-death-star-luke-tr...k=ea_9xJhs]
(if not, just follow the link! Happy )
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I smell April fools Tongue

Film Addict    
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[Image: KindFirstAphid-small.gif]
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Hint: it is a meta April's Fool...
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Exclusive interior shot:
[Image: ventblockers-spiders-01.jpg]

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This thread was misunderstood... The ResolveR is REAL, even if published on April 1st!

So, to avoid ANY confusion, and because I hate to delete threads, I'm just putting this in the Recycle Bin, and start a new thread!
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