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Ripping 4K UHDs with LibreDrive
I hadn't seen it mentioned here yet, so I thought I'd point out that MakeMKV can rip 4K discs now with LibreDrive. LibreDrive gets around cracking codes and such and accesses the data directly on the disc without firmware interfering. There are a couple low cost Blu-ray drives now that can use this and actually read 4K UHDs after a firmware downgrade. I grabbed the Asus BW-16D1HT for 80 bucks, downgraded the firmware, and was able to rip a UHD with no problems.

Introduction Video

Guide to Downgrading drive firmware (Check video description for links)
Thanks given by: spoRv , Feallan , IcePrick , williarob
Thanks for the advice! Ok

Got the same drive, downgraded the firmware, and I'm ready to test - no UHD discs (yet), though! Big Grin
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Awesome! I doubt you'll have any problems if you're on the 3.02 firmware. Pretty awesome being able to rip DVD, Blu-ray and UHD with one drive Smile
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We just need a laserdisc "ripper" now, I guess! Big Grin

P.S. Upgraded to patched 3.10, as it seems it's the latter and better...
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Cool, I'll check it out, I just used the one included with the flashing tool.
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Cool, I have a modded UHD drive I got off newegg and it will never update the firmware and I can rip UHD with Anydvd. Awhile back I tried making MKVs from UHDs but it wouldn't work and now I see it's because it wasn't supported until now. Thanx for the heads up!
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does libredrive work with regular BD's (does it break the Original AACS?)
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Yes, it bypasses AACS for normal Blu-rays too

edit: It also appears to work for DVDs. When I ripped one earlier it said it was opening it with LibreDrive in the output.
Thanks given by: dwalkerdon
I had an asus BW-16D1HT from 2013. Firmware version 1.01, which doesn't support uhd playback. I took a chance and ordered a new one and got firmware version 3.03. Flashed the modified 3.10 and have ripped 2 UHD discs now. Works great so far with DVD, BD and UHD. Flashing the firmware took less than 30 seconds too. I highly recommend picking one of these up while they are still around.
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Awesome! I've been considering getting a backup Big Grin
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