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[Help] Kubrick's latest films grading
Working on The Shining lately, I had been pointed out by a collector that there are some of Kubrick's latest films with wrong color grading on BD.

So, the list is this:

2001: A Space Odyssey - ?
A Clockwork Orange - ?
Barry Lyndon - 1999 DVD
The Shining - open matte DVD
Full Metal Jacket - 1999 DVD
Eyes Wide Shut - ?

near the title I'll put what source *may* have the right color grading - or at least, the more pleasant or the lesser of the evil.

Probably (apart The Shining, that it's under testing) I'd regrade them - as usual, not a promise! Wink

Waiting for your help!
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You might want to check out the 2001 4k and the Criterion BD remaster on Barry Lyndon. No idea if they are any better or worse as I don't have those editions yet.

ACO and The Shining 4k remasters are rumored to be in the works this year.
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Thanks for the tip!

According to my "source", Barry Lyndon BD has the best quality, yet colors are better on 1999 DVD.

Yes, was aware about The Shining, but, as I plan to do an UAR version, unless the 4K will be open matte 1.33:1, mine still should retain some value...
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2001 is quite complicated. There is a discussion at Original Trilogy, and perhaps also here. The DVD year 2001 and the 2007 BD have problems. The new BD and UHD edition seems to be better, but I still have reservations.
Warner's Barry Lyndon BD is in 1,78:1 and has 5.1 sound, so it has no value. Criterion's BD is correctly in 1,66:1 and has both 5.1 and the original mono sound, and seems to be faithful.
Eyes Wide Shut has problems.
A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket BDs don't look great to me, but I'm not sure about their faithfulness.
I have the overall impression that the 1999 DVDs are more faithful, even if technically worse.
As per The Shining, there is this video essay: https://archive.org/details/ShiningPhilology.
A new restored version of The Shining will be screened at the Cannes Festival this May: http://www.premiere.fr/index.php/Cinema/...de-Shining.
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ACO will come out soon 4K remastered.

I have the 1999 box in case anyone is interested in the soundtracks (all monos) and reference.

For 10 bucks I got it brand new online recently. It's imho the best Kubrick set ever released, all mastered by the master.
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Lucky, I've been after the '99 box for some time. It's essentially LD ports for all with little futzing about as far as I understand it.

The new 2001 is miles better and seems very close to what it should be. The Criterion Barry Lyndon fixes the aspect ratio and also looks good. 4K ACO and Shining are in the pipeline.

All the old HD masters have problems and none are very good.

Eyes Wide Shut is in a terrible rut since it looks NOTHING like the release prints. It's the one in need of the most help.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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EWS is available in full frame uncut in Europe that has been my goto copy for a while.

I think I may even have a spare one as I bought it with two packages, regular and snapcase, if anyone wants the regular.
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