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[Idea] Laserdisc Capture Of Old Films In MKV Format?
Hello. I wanted to know if there are a group of people here on this website or forum that do laserdisc capture of films in MKV format. I've seen LD rip of some films in MKV format on another website and I was impressed with the audio and video quality. I downloaded the CAV LD version of The Lion King and I love the 2.0 PCM Stereo and 5.1 AC-3 Dolby Digital tracks. I prefer it over my BD version of the film. 

I wish I could buy Laserdiscs but unfortunately most sellers don't ship to Fiji and another problem is no LD players. Even if I could get the discs then I won't have anything to play them. I know that some people on certain websites create a fund and donate to it for the 35mm scans. All those interested, contribute and get to download copies of those films.

I thought why not do the same for Laserdisc. I see people synching LD audio to Blu-ray here which means that many prefer it over the remastered audio we get these days. I mean isn't that what this whole community is about? To preserve films as they were released theatrically with the original color grading and audio mix. 

I apologize for any mistakes I may have made by posting this. I hope I didn't break any rules. I just want to experience watching some films on Laserdisc format.
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