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Memphis Belle (1944) Restored Doku
This is for the first time completely restored documentary film in Color from WWII.

Memphis Belle: The 75th Anniversary of the 25th Mission

The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress (1944)

The Cold Blue (2018)
Directed By Erik Nelson, Film Features Restored Footage And Outtakes From William Wyler’s 1944 Documentary “The Memphis Belle: A Story Of A Flying Fortress”

The Cold Blue, a new documentary directed by Erik Nelson.  The original Kodachrome was scanned by NARA staff in 4K resolution using our Spirit scanner.  While the color of the originals remains beautiful, the film has shrunken over time, requiring careful handling and slow scanning speeds to avoid damage.  In total, it took 80 hours to scan the reels and generated over 80 TB worth of data.

To create the 72 minute long documentary, Nelson used the archival footage from Wyler’s outtakes along with some original footage shot in Berlin during July of 1945.  The footage has been restored by Ernest Savage and Paul Marengo.

An added benefit to this project is that Nelson was able to use footage from the original outtakes to reconstruct Wyler’s Memphis Belle: Story of a Flying Fortress. The surviving copies of the film are not a good representation of the film that was shown in 1944, so utilizing NARA’s 4K scans, he has painstakingly reassembled Wyler’s film with vibrant color.  Over 500 individual shots were perfectly positioned over the final soundtrack heralding a new kind of restoration – where a film is recut from scratch using primary sources to preserve the exact content of the original.

The Cold Blue will be screening alongside The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress at AFI Fest in Hollywood on November 11. 2018. The film will air on HBO in June 2019.

Memphis Belle Before and Afters

[Image: LNhAd0F.jpg]
[Image: 0SGrQ18.jpg]
[Image: dXD71rm.jpg]
[Image: Rf0AEy6.jpg]

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The Cold Blue Blu-ray

Special Features and Technical Specs:
The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress -- New 4K Restoration (1944, directed by William Wyler, 45 minutes)
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