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Friday the 13th Part 3 Half SBS 3D
I did not create the video for this project myself, but I am posting here with the full blessing of the anonymous person who did. This version has never been released officially, all home video versions have been 3D Anaglyph so they use the paper glasses not the glasses that come with modern 3D TVs. It turns out when the DVD was created it used one of the cameras and the Blu Ray used the other, so the person who created it used combined both, to create a 'proper' 3D effect. This took an incredible amount of time as every frame needed to be aligned and colour corrected so the two matched. 

This has since shown up on the internet as an MVC video, which is the way official 3D blu rays are encoded. The problem with the MVC version is the quality is reduced, it involves another encoding process and the two half size images are stretched to full size. The benefit of MVC is your 3D TV may not automatically detect Half SBS as 3D, you might have to tell your TV via the remote control. So take your pick but I prefer better quality.

The blu ray contains:

  • Half SBS 3D Version
  • English 5.1 DTS HD MA (exclusive to this release)
  • Optional English Subtitles (with 3D depth)
  • Fresh Cuts 3D Terror
  • Legacy Of The Mask
  • Slasher Films: Going For The Jugular
  • Jason Actor Panel 2006
  • Cast & Crew Reunion 2007
  • Theatrical Trailer

PM me if interested, contributing members only please.
Crazy idea and impressive if it actually works. Sadly don't have anyway to watch 3D. Can you post any example screenshots demonstrating what was done? I'm rather curious about that.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't MVC simply a method to reduce space by making one eye based on the other eye similar to how a normal encoder bases the current frame on the frames surrounding/preceding it? I don't think there's any half size images involved in MVC. Where as Half SBS literally does that, subsampling each side to half the horizontal resolution, thus reducing quality, while simultaneously wasting bits because it has to encode each side separately instead of profitting from the similarity of both sides.
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Hi TomArrow,

The guy who made this decided to go with Half SBS I'm told as he was dealing with two sources, 1920x1080 blu for one eye and 720x480 DVD for the other eye. With half SBS I understand each image is 960 x 1080 and I guess he felt it was better to blow up the DVD image as little as possible.

The problem with the MVC version that's on some torrent sites is the person who made that took the Half SBS version and converted it to MVC, so it had already been squashed and then they encoded it again back to full size. I haven't seen it myself but the guy who made this said he felt the quality was a very noticeable drop.

I don't actually have a 3D tv myself would you believe it, I just wanted this to be on disc and I'll hopefully be able to borrow one off a friend soon. From what others have said this is the best it's ever looked.

I don't know a great deal about the process he actually went through so forgive me, I might be mistaking some of the terms or processes involved, I know only the very basics about 3D.

Here is what he did say about it:

This is my custom side by side 3D recreation of Friday the 13th Part III, put together using the blu ray for one eye's view and a dvd for the other eye.  Every scene has been alignment, convergence, and color corrected shot by shot to match as well as possible.

For approximately 15 minutes or so of the film, I only had one eye view available between the two main sources.  For those scenes, I have chosen to convert the anaglyph (red/blue) blu ray to side by side, restoring the color as much as possible.  My apologies for any color inconsistencies in these scenes, but everything that should be in 3D is in 3D.  See the 2nd and last screenshots for examples of the anaglyph sourced footage.

I didn't have high quality sources for the opening/closing 3D Paramount logos available, so the logo used here is a 2D to 3D conversion (properly done using a depth map) using a low quality copy of the field sequential VHD release as a guide for the proper separation.

[Image: mcQfjk2.png]
[Image: 1QMuM7h.png]
[Image: nPJWdKt.png]
[Image: dmWAxbS.png]
[Image: 4NKp16G.png]
[Image: iWy6poL.png]
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Ah I see. Yeah in that case the original encode of course will probably be better. Thanks for elaborating, very interesting stuff.
Thanks given by: alleycat
There was a 3D version that recently popped up on myspleen. I wonder how that compares to this. I've always wanted the best version possible, but only had the old 3D version that was floating around several years back.
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(2019-10-09, 01:00 AM)oh_riginal Wrote: There was a 3D version that recently popped up on myspleen. I wonder how that compares to this. I've always wanted the best version possible, but only had the old 3D version that was floating around several years back.

I'm not on myspleen so I can't confirm, I know both this Half SBS version and MVC version are floating around out there.
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is this floating on usenet by chance? i have an occulus and would love to watch this! the blue and red always hurt my eyes when i try to watch it. and it always seems to be off alignment on all the dvd releases i have......
any help finding this would be greatly appreciated. possibly even a paypal? like i said, i own a few dvds of this movie already....

im brand new so if this is not allowed to be asked, i appologize.
thank you in advance!
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I've been hearing about this version for a while now but never tracked down a copy. Sadly don't have 3D anymore but thank you for sharing it. Hope the other members here enjoy it
Thanks given by: alleycat
is there any chance i can get this please?
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i guess not? if thats the case, maybe possibly someone could tell me how to be a contributing member so i COULD get this would be really helpful
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