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Alleycat’s Project List
Thought I would make a thread with a list of the projects I have done. 
I appreciate in a streaming world there are people who don’t want to watch physical media, but as a huge supporter of it I want all of my projects on disc. Having invested in professional blu ray menu creation software, and spent a lot of time learning the sometimes complicated art of java blu ray menu design, all of my projects will be released as blu ray files. Also, with the help of a friend, with professional looking covers, booklets and disc art.
With most of these projects I received help and guidance from several fanres members, such as capturing LD audio for me or giving general advice and assistance - so a massive thanks to you all.
Criterion Preservations

[Image: LNFgkZhm.jpg]

Every collector knows the name Criterion, but a lot of their most memorable titles have not been reissued on blu ray. The collection is an attempt to preserve some of their past titles, most of which were only released on laserdisc. At the start I set myself some rules, the discs have to include any commentary and the same type of audio (e.g. mono) ideally uncompressed from the LD where possible. They also have to contain every special feature from the LD/DVD and have a menu that looks identical to an official criterion blu ray menu.
This in itself was a challenge as the criterion menus contain animation, and depending on the number of chapters involved it required an average of 100 menus working behind the scenes to make it look right. I even took screenshots from the official discs and rebuilt each part, with the same colours, fonts and font sizes etc.

High res artwork, created by Pineapples101, can be found for some of the projects here
The list so far:
Blood For Dracula
Flesh For Frankenstein
Boyz N The Hood
Dead Presidents
Menace II Society
Jason And The Argonauts
Dr No
From Russia With Love
The Adventures Of Robin Hood
Hard Boiled
The Killer
Seven (Completed)
Taxi Driver

Non Criterion Preservations

This is a collection of certain releases that appealed to me, each containing some special property that isn’t available on an official blu ray release.

Bad Lieutenant Uncut Audio
Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Volume 3
Hateful Eight Extended Miniseries
Ticker Ultimate Edition
Stephen King’s The Stand Laserdisc Audio
The Hidden Special Edition
Mortal Kombat Special Edition
Above The Law aka Righting Wrongs Special Edition
13 Assassins Extended Version
Harper's Island
Mad Max Appendix
Young Sherlock Holmes
Death Sentence Unrated
Panic Room Special Edition
Johnny Mnemonic Extended Edition
Tombstone Director's Cut
Kill Bill Whole Bloody Affair
Wilderness Special Edition
Desperate Measures Special Edition
Above The Rim Special Edition
Pearl Harbor Director's Cut
Heat Theatrical Version
The Tower Special Edition
Scream Director's Cut
Killing Zoe Special Edition
Proof Of Life Special Edition
The Beach Special Edition
Turbulence Special Edition
Executive Decision Theatrical Version
Ransom Extended Version
The Godfather A Novel For Television
Tears Of The Sun Director's Cut
Death Machine Director's Cut
Hard Rain Special Edition
Very intriguing list of projects, especially your Above the Law/Righting Wrongs project. I know of a project that attempted to reconstruct a version of the film with the 'happy ending'. I'm curious to know the scale of your project?
Thanks given by: alleycat
Added your list here: https://fanrestore.com/thread-1553.html (I forgot I made that thread... Happy )

If you will give your collection a name, let me know so I'll change the entry in that thread.
Thanks given by: alleycat

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