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[No Longer Available] The Ring Original DVD/DVHS Colors (Quick Project)
[Image: NToT2BX.jpg]

The Ring Original DVD/DVHS Colors (Quick Project v1.0)

Project Info

The original HD master of the US remake of The Ring (2002) has a different color timing than the later BD. The original timing was a cool green-blue mix whereas the BD has a firmly dark, green-yellow look. Here are some examples between the BD and DVD:


Luckily the older, and I think superior color timing has appeared in HD on the old DTheather DVHS system and has since been ripped. This project will take that HD MPEG-2 footage and IVTC to back to 23.976 and run a light clean-up of compression artifacts.

Adding to that will be the Cinema DTS as originally heard in theaters.

Mpeg-2 footage deblocked and convert back to standard 23.976 with compression clean-up

1. DTS-HD MA 5.1 (from the Cinema DTS Discs with Dtheather bumper added)
2. DTS 5.1 (from the DVHS Tape cap)

Synced to the Dtheather tape with a ~ +33000ms to the DVD

1. English (from the DVD)

[Image: pVDWHfk.jpg]

Collaborators and Thanks (In order of help):
Thanks given by: jonno , Colek , Lucasyugi27
Been a while on this one. A quick update. I'm rendering it this week and just started work on syncing the DTS discs.

Small note. I dropped the Dtheather logo on my Fight Club OAR project so that it, the OM project and the BD are all in sync. Since sync to another master is not as important in this project, I'm keeping the Dtheater bumper but splicing in the logo sound into the Cinema DTS track. So there is no silence in that section.
Thanks given by:
Uploading now. Participating members (aka no newbies) can PM me if they want a copy. Please allow me a day or two to get back to you. I'll keep it posted for a week or two.
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Thanks given by:
Last call for this.
Thanks given by:
Question: Is the Cinema DTS any different then the DTS from DTH or the DTS-HDMA from the BD?
Thanks given by:
Its not a radical difference but the same kind of details I see for a lot of cinema DTS releases.

The BD has a little more detail in the mix. Things feel a bit more “clear”, like in the dialogue. Maybe because of mixing or being a lossless release. Not sure.

The cinema DTS has more bass. Not only in the LFE but more for all channels. You can feel the large far field presence in the mix. Music and effects punch harder.

But you would never notice these differences unless you ran them side by side. They are close.

The c DTS is great but I considered that the gravy on this project. The color difference are they bigger deal to me.
Thanks given by:
OK the Ring has returned to the deep, dark well from whence it came. Thanks for the downloads. Hope everyone enjoyed it.
Thanks given by:

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