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Scream Directors Cut LD DTS
Does anyone have this? I got hold of a HD version of the directors cut with upscaled SD inserts, would be great to sync the LD DTS to it. I’m happy to do this if anyone can supply the audio.
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I've a sealed copy of AC-3 LD Wink
Well, doesn't matter cause I can't capture AC-3 anyway and I've the JAP DVD
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Nice Smile I wonder how the LD DTS audio compares to the DVD? As I understand LDs are full rate so 1500 Kbps vs 384 Kbps? My hearing is shot to shit so I doubt I’d notice much difference but it would be nice to preserve regardless.
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Alright guys, a bit late to kick in, but it's at least some kick.  Tongue

While I can't offer the DTS track for Scream, I happen to have captured both, the PCM and AC3 audio from the US LaserDisc of "Scream" and the DTS audio from also the US LaserDisc of "Scream 2 (!)".

With Scream (1), naturally, the Dolby Stereo mix (in the PCM manifestation) differs from the 5.1 one (AC3 and also the probably content-wise equal DTS). I think to remember a review mentioning that the Stereo track even has some advantages of better sound differentiation but honestly, I'd have to check that again myself after so many years.

So ... "say hi" if in need. Wink


I can comfort you - even with the best gear, listening environment and ears, most proclaimed format differences (at least at decent bitrates depending on the format respectively) are mostly voodoo and psychological fancying. Even at questionably low bitrates, the in conjunction with lossless formats often quoted "oh so greater dynamic range" isn't even altered by lossy codecs (also MP3 can have insane dynamic ranges exceeding those of linear 16 bit for example). At some point, one may detect things like (pre)echoes, metallic sounds, chirping effects and depending on the filtering lower frequency range but that's it. Definitely none of those "night and day" differences one can read in many reviews.

If there are significant differences, and of  course that happens, it's virtually only the source mix or encoding/decoding parameters.
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Would love the Scream 1 tracks from the LD if you still have them handy.  Thanks!
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You got a PM as Christmas comes early this year. Wink
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Hi - very new and was led here because I'm trying to assemble a Scream Director's Cut. Would it be possible to get those audio tracks?

Anyone have a lead on where to actually get the DVD or a rip of the LaserDisc? Before I go buy a LaserDisc player lol? Thanks!
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