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MKVmerge and Subtitles
Stupid question. I have a video file the is a certain length and subs for that video that are a little too long (by a little less then a min). Is there a way in MKVmerge to create the mkv to the length of the video and not the subs?

When I mux the video and subs, the running time is that of the subs. Which means a minute of extra black frames at the end. I tried cutting the file in mkmerge to the length of the video or spiting the file to the length of the video but neither work.

I don't want to go in and edit the subs since this should work in mkvmerge but its not and it feels like I'm missing something obvious.
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As splitting by duration does not work (possibly because of the format of the subs), I don't think there's a way in MKVToolNix. You might try ffmpeg instead.
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Unfortunately I have nothing outright helpful to say, but personally I'd try if it happens no matter the type (SRT/VOB/PGS/...) of the subtitle, to see if maybe it is a problem with a specific type of sub.
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As I never had this situation so far I just did a test in latest MKVToolNix with SRT text subs. Although MediaInfo reads the resulting video file as a longer than video stream is, playback ends when video stream ends. There are no additional frames with overhead subtitle lines.
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Yeah, I guess that the subs are SUP and that avoiding conversion is the idea. If trying different formats were an option, then truncating them would presumably be an option (because while you are doing one, you can just as easily do the other).
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Good guess, the subs are sups hence the trying to not convert them. It was a mystery to me as to why mkvmerge will cut video and audio without hesitation but the sups are a roadblock.

MPC HC and VLC definitely show and play an additional min of blank space at the end to accommodate the sup subs.

Is there a way to shorten sups without getting into the weeds of “opening” them up

Thanks for the feedback guys.
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Check out these two


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Cool, I'll give those a try. Thanks Plissken
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